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October 15, 2019

On This Day in 1914
President Woodrow Wilson signed the Clayton Antitrust Act, often referred to as “Labor’s Magna Carta,” establishing that unions are not “conspiracies” under the law. It for the first time freed unions to strike, picket and boycott employers. In the years that followed, however, numerous state measures and negative court interpretations weakened the law.
- Voices of Labor

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Why the Labor Strike is Back
Posted On: Sep 30, 2019
Sept. 30, 2019 | COLLECTIVE ACTION | The largest private sector strike in more than a decade is now in its third week. The walkout of more than 49,000 General Motors auto workers comes on the heels of a series of successful strikes by workers around the country—teachers and nurses and beyond. Though it had fallen out of favor, the strike—the most effective weapon workers have at their disposal—is back with a fervor not seen in decades. Under capitalism, there really is no more powerful weapon for ordinary workers than if they can collectively walk off the job and interfere with the only thing the employer cares about. Which is not about their workers. It’s about making money… Mother Jones
Teamsters Local 355
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